Duct tape two turtles together and they’re unstoppable.

In an effort to add variety to my topics, I have selected a quote about the weaknesses of turtles. This has nothing to do with the post, however.

Today was completely draining. Between writing up an emotional letter and then scrapping it and spending twenty minutes trying to convince my boss that I am, in fact, concerned that my job is in jeopardy…and that even if it isn’t, I’m not necessarily happy with the changes that are being made, I was worn out by lunch. Physically and emotionally. I was riding a stress-induced headache through lunch, but by the end of the day I was more relaxed. With regards to my job, I’m left wondering if I should start pushing back, making my complaints and qualms known again; just go with the flow in a dead-end job because I’m making decent money; or find a new job and forgot about all of this crap. I’ve got a few days before I’ve got to come to a decision, as I’ve got a meeting with my boss on Monday, but it’s a mess and I’m really, really tired of constantly feeling stressed…

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