And, we’re back…

The game was fun, though paying attention to Daniel not paying attention to the game helped me not see most of the game.  But I still caught the exciting parts.  The Cards won, 6-5, after having a 6-1 lead by the end of the 4th.  Encarnacion had 2 home runs, after which they shot off fireworks.  For the next inning, Daniel kept saying “Daddy, make more” and pointing to the sky.  It was cute.  I think he had a good time.

On the way home, I stood with him the entire way on the Metro, which was interesting and quite tiring.  I think he enjoyed it, though.

After putting him to bed in my parents’ hotel room, Mark and I went to Ruby Tuesday’s, for dinner (me) and drinks (both of us).  We had some interesting conversations about hypothetical situations, like having the choice of life or death of someone in your hands.

And now I’m back in my room, basking in the light of free “high-speed” internet service and seeing what happens.  C’est la vie.

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