Work really sucked today…

Friday evening, Josh discovered (by accident) that there was a failed RAID in one of the servers in the department.  He apparently spent close to 5 hours Friday night working to rebuild the RAID and restore the backup file of the database so that the outside vendor could restore the database.  This restore failed, so there was a big fiasco with that.  Josh also shut off about 40 ports across our two buildings, taking out closer to 70 computers (due to unmanaged switches being used against network policy).  Since Josh was preoccupied with the server debacle, I got to handle turning people back on today.  This meant that the full day of work I had planned got put off until tomorrow, in turn pushing the biggest project I hoped to finish up today off until the end of the week, when the user won’t need her laptop.  It was a very frustrating day.  It really made me wonder how much the department is really saving with all of the budget cuts in our group, as there are other aspects that are suffering, both time and monetary resources.  Oh, and to top it off, they’re going to have to spend between $3,000 and $10,000 for a call to the Microsoft emergency line to try to get help restoring a corrupt database backup.

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