Calorie cutback

I’m trying to cut back my caloric intake because of lack of exercise time of late.  A few weeks ago I was doing really well, basically eating a Quaker Oatmeal to Go bar for breakfast and another for lunch for a total of about 450 calories.  I was also drinking several glasses of tea, increasing my fluid intake without the caloric or acidic effects of soda.  I’m trying to get back into that this week.  I had done really well, dropping 3-4 pounds over a few weeks, eating less at dinner and cutting out snacks as my stomach shrank a little bit.  I’ve indulged in going out to lunch over the last two weeks, as well as consuming huge meals this past weekend at my grandparents’ house, so I’m trying to cut back again.  I found that as I was eating more at lunch, I’d eat more at dinner and snack in the late evening…which compounded the problem.  As I get back to the gym more, I’ll need to increase my caloric intake, but it’s just been too high for my level of activity of late.

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