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18 months ago, I weighed in at 288 at my annual checkup. My doctor gave me six months to work on that before putting me on high blood pressure medication, because I had adverse side effects the first time I was on medication. I lost 12 pounds in that six months, getting down to about 275. In the next three monhts, going through my separation, I lost another 25 pounds by having a loss of appetite…or eating less because I was never hungry and told myself I had to eat meals to live. I was bouncing between 245 and 250 for about eight months, then made an effort to eat less during the day, dropping down to 240. I’ve been slipping for the last month and I weighed myself in at 250 yesterday. This is why daily monitoring is important. It’s easier to tell when I’ve started changing things negatively in my lifestyle…it’s not an obsession.

Anyway, I decided today to get more serious about losing more of my weight and getting to a point where I’ll be both healthier and happier. I went back through CK’s blog and found the link for his diet page. I’ve started reading The Hacker’s Diet and plan to implement it. I’m setting some goals for myself and I hope to drop my weight and become better at maintaining it. If I can find some decent tools to integrate into my site, I may set up my own diet page…but that’s down the road.


The Hacker’s Diet: http://www.fourmilab.to/hackdiet/

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  1. good on ya for losing as much as you have so far. I was @ 240 about 3 years ago and have since lost 60 pounds, but have gained 20 back, but not “bad” weight. *he says as he stuffs another fried eggroll into his mouth*

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