And the stress returns…

Editor’s note:  I wrote this a couple of days ago and apparently hit “Save” instead of “Publish.”  Oops.

I spent the first four days of last week trying to finish up everything I needed to do before going out of town for four days. It was pretty stressful and I didn’t get everything I needed to do finished. When I left on Thursday, I tried to leave everything here…but I got something like 7 or 8 e-mails from one professor between 7pm and 9pm Thursday evening. I ulimately decided to ignore them (locked account problem, unlocked after a period of time, resolving itself without my intervention) and continue my vacation. Melissa picked up Daniel mid-evening Thursday, I packed a bunch of my stuff in the car, and tried to get to bed early. Friday morning, I finished up a few last minute errands before my caravan members started to arrive. Our caravan to Columbus was six people in two cars. The trip wasn’t too bad and took almost six hours (bathroom breaks, gas stop, and lunch added up to over an hour, I think). I got to spend a nice weekend with a bunch of people I’d never met in person, only knowing them by the sound of their voices (and various pictures) from the internet. We had a blast, despite some drama. A couple of arguments broke out between the only couple in the group and one guy pulled a knife on some other guy (not in our group) at a party Saturday night. I drank heavily for the first time in several years and had a great time. It was a very relaxing weekend and the trip back on Monday was nice.

Josh called me on Monday afternoon as I was just about to pull into town to remind me that I hadn’t sent out a particular e-mail, which started the stress about all the things I hadn’t finished before leaving town. Monday evening was pretty crappy and my stomach was in knots within an hour of arriving at work on Tuesday. The meeting I hosted on Wednesday went off without a hitch, so the anxiety about that was misplaced and went away afterward.

My team’s last match of the season was last night. We won, to finish with a record of 6-2. According to the announcement this morning, there will be 64 teams in the playoff brackets, which puts us in the playoffs ranked around #40.

It was in the 70s for a couple of days last week, so I got to take Daniel out to the park twice. Then it dropped to the 30s for the weekend and returned to the mid-70s yesterday. Daniel had a lot of fun in the park last night, too. He’s been going to sleep a bit earlier this week, so I hope that trend continues.

I guess that’s all for now. *fingers crossed for a new job*

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