I need a day off.

The last week or two have been pretty busy at work.  I’m trying to finish up a few projects that I had put on the back burner, but all of the new crap that is coming in makes it difficult.  I had a list of five things that I was going to do Friday.  Had nothing else come up, I would have accomplished all five tasks…but as it was, I wasn’t able to complete a single one.  It’s really frustrating to know exactly what needs to be done and not be able to do it.  The stress and frustration are really getting to me.

I haven’t heard anything back from ECE, so I’m going to call them tomorrow.  I know that they haven’t made a decision yet, but I still want to do a follow-up.

I’m going to be gone most of the day on Wednesday for an eye doctor appointment down south, but that isn’t really the day off I need.

Daniel’s class is putting on a “gym circus” with the children in his class as the performers on Friday.   Then I’ve got to drive him to his mom’s house.  I want to go to a concert after I get home, but it’s going to be cutting it close.  The first band is supposed to take the stage at 9:00, so to have a seat I’ll need to be there before then.  I might be able to make it if I can get out of town no later than 5:15, but not likely.  *shrug*  We’ll see how it works out.

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