The first week

I think I did alright in my first week. A lot of the principles of The Abs Diet are pretty basic. On the days I went out to lunch, I had salads that included romaine lettuce and grilled chicken. Some had cheese, some had sliced almonds. All had low- or no-fat dressings. On the one occassion where the salad had only romaine and chicken, I got a small cup of chili, which added beans, and a side of cottage cheese.

Overall, I feel like I’m doing well. I slipped on a few of the snacks, but only two or three times all week. I only had one indulgance meal, though it fell earlier in the week than I had planned. That was on Tuesday at lunch, when Niro’s had their customer appreciation day and I wasn’t able to wander out of the office for more than about 20 minutes.

I weighed myself on Thursday and was at 240.0. I’m trying not to weigh myself every day, as I was with the Hacker’s Diet. I still understand the concept in relation to body weight fluctuation and weighing myself daily wouldn’t hurt my overall goal, I just want to be surprised by what the scale reads after 2 weeks…and then after 4 weeks…and then after 6 weeks.

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