I had a great start to the week…I spent the weekend in Indianapolis at Showdown LAN with some people who turned out to be really cool.  I followed that up by coming back and getting a gym membership on Monday, then working out both Monday night and Tuesday night.  Last night I had my body age analysis, which put my body age at 34 (hopefully the working out will reduce that significantly).  I was going to do strength training tonight…but I think I’m getting sick.  I started sneezing like crazy last night, woke up with a clogged nasal passage this morning, and I have been sneezing/blowing my nose all day today.  It’s been clear up until a few minutes ago, so I think things are about to turn for the worse.  Hopefully it’s just a 24-hour thing and won’t hang around like my colds usually do, because I was really starting to get into the routine of going to the gym.  🙁  This always seems to happen…I’ll start going to the gym, then get hit with a cold within the first week.  It’ll hang around for six weeks and by the time I’m back up to 100% I’ve lost the motivation I had.  I kind of want to push through this one, but I know that is probably a really bad idea.  Hopefully rest, orange juice, and soup will fix it.

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