I’m taking Daniel to the pediatric dentist today.

Yesterday evening, on our way home from Ashlyn’s house, he told me “Be careful when you give me a hug because my tooth hurts.”  I asked him why it hurt and he said that hurt it at snack time and that they had eaten pretzels for snack time.  I assumed he had just scraped his gum with a pretzel or something and left it at that.  When we got home and I went to give him a hug, he said the same thing.  I started brushing his teeth and he was in pain when I got to the front teeth.  I had him rinse, got my flashlight, and checked him out.  Sure enough, one of his front two teeth was loose.  I finally got him to tell me that he’d been playing around on his chair, caused it to tip over, and fell to the floor.  He apparently landed on his face, bumping his tooth and knocking it loose.

I called his normal dentist this morning and they told me that it should be checked out, but that they’d recommend taking him to the pediatric dentist.  I called over there and they could get him in at 1:00.  We’ll find out shortly if there’s some way it can stay in or whether it’s going to have to come out.  If it has to come out, I’d prefer that they pull it to get it over with.  That will keep me from worrying that it will come out as he eats and he’ll bite or swallow it.

Current count: 2 broken bones, 1 (probably) missing tooth.

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