WTF, weather?

It’s been pretty nice the last couple of days.  Yesterday was in the 60s, though it was overcast with sprinkling rain for most of the day.  I’ve been wearing my lighter jacket without the liner this week and I knew that it would be a bit colder this morning, but I tossed it on anyway.  I did not check the weather before I left the house, so the walk from the parking garage to my office in 25 degree weather, with a windchill in the teens, was more than a little unexpected.  I do not have anger issues, though, so I dealt with it in the normal way.[1]

Yesterday, my office was humid, so I had the air conditioner running to make it more tolerable.  It was set at a reasonable temperature and never made my office cold, just offset the humidity.  Today, as I walked in wearing my windbreaker, wishing that my hat wasn’t in my other coat, I knew that I would not have any such problem.  My only thought as I was walking the last half of the journey was “I wish my head wasn’t throbbing like I had brain freeze…”

So, I pose to you the following question:  What is up with the weather?

Finally, I blame Josh G. for this…[2]

[1] “I think if you live in a city like this where the wind chill can get to be 50 to 70 below zero and you walk out without the proper coat and you don’t say the word ‘fuck’ out loud, then you have anger issues.”  – Lewis Black


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