Biggest Loser

Undergraduate Admissions at the College of Business organized a Biggest Loser competition within their department a few months ago.  One of the secretaries in OIM heard about it a few weeks ago and thought there might be enough interest in our own department to run a similar competition.  There is a $20 buy-in (UGrad was only $10, but they had more competitors) and we weigh in weekly.  It runs for 14 weeks.  Whomever loses the greatest percentage of body weight wins the money.  I’m really hoping that this is the kick in the pants that I’ve needed to get to the gym.  I’m kind of hoping that being married will work to my advantage, as I can (theoretically) get up early and go to the gym in the morning before work without leaving Daniel at home to fend for himself.  That being said, I’m starting off at a disadvantage, as we’ll be out of the country on our honeymoon next week.  All-inclusive food and drinks could be bad, so I’ll have to try to use the “fully-equipped fitness center” whenever possible.

Starting weight:  266.9

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