A father’s love

As I was walking back from class today, enjoying the “warm” weather, I began thinking about God. I was thinking about how God loves me, in a way that is beyond anything I could ever be worthy of. Nothing I have done has caused Him to love me. Nothing I could ever do would make it so. But I still believe that He loves me. That even if my behavior isn’t what He expects, I am loved and forgiven.

Then I started thinking about my own son. I love him completely, but I also get frustrated and even mad when he does things he knows not to do. I have high expectations for him and want him to live up to his potential.

But I am convicted. I know that I am not God, that I can never live up to that example. But I also know that I need to be a better example of God’s love to others…especially to my own son. If I don’t, then how much harder will it be for him to understand God’s love?

My prayer:

God, let me be the kind of person you want me to be. Help me to love others as you love me and hold them in the same regard as you hold me. Let me love my son as you love me so that he knows that no matter where his path leads in life, I will still love him. Soften my heart when it becomes hard and remind me of your grace and mercy so that I may overflow and pour that out to others. Amen.

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