Labor Day weekend update

I’ve had several times when I thought “I should blog that” in the past week, but I just never took the time to sit down.

Last week, I made Pink Vodka Sauce, grilled chicken, and chocolate chip cookies for dinner with Josh G., Kelly, Ashlyn, Daniel, and Josh H.  I think it all turned out well and got me back into cooking/baking.  I’ve since made more chocolate chip cookies.  I’ve been pondering bread, but I just haven’t had the time…

I’ve also been trying to psyche myself up (and get packed) for this weekend.  I’m going to the Current River with a few of my high school friends.  We’re going to stay in a cabin or room of some sort Friday night/Sunday night and canoe Saturday/Sunday, camping on the river Saturday night.   I’m not that outdoorsy, so I’m not super-excited about the camping part…and I’m anxious about spending time with my friends.  I haven’t spent significant time with any of them in several years, so I’m anxious.  I know things will be fine, but I’m anxious.  Daniel will be spending the weekend with my mom and dad, so I hope he’s not too spoiled by the time I get back.  🙂

Work hasn’t been busy as past Augusts, but it seems like a constant dull roar.  I had a bunch of things that I wanted to get finished by today and I’ve accomplished them…so I took time out to write a quick update here.  🙂

I’m glad that the weekend starts at 5:00…

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