Whirlwind week

As previously mentioned, I spent last weekend with some of my high school friends.  Five of us left Salem on Friday, heading for the Current River in southern Missouri.  We spent two days on the river, traveling 36 miles in all, and camped on the river bank Saturday night.  I was pretty worried about my night vision being a hindrance, but I think things went pretty well.  I had a good time reconnecting with my friends and I’d gladly do it again.

On the way back, we ate at Lambert’s…Home of the Throwed Rolls.  It was fantastic, though I won’t be getting the ribs again.  I’ve been wanting to eat there again for years, but hadn’t until this weekend.  Mmmmm.

This week started off well.  I actually found myself getting up early on Tuesday and being amazed at how much more time I had.  I had a lot of plans for things I wanted to get done this week, but they were thrown to the side Tuesday evening.  Daniel was sitting in my brother’s desk chair next to me, getting ready to play a racing game on the computer.  I asked him to throw something away for me while I started the game.  Instead of sliding off the front of the chair, he decided to stand up and jump.  Before I realized what he was doing, the chair spun and he fell, landing with his left arm out.  He cried for a while (30 minutes, maybe?) until he fell asleep.  He woke up a few times throughout the night crying, but fell asleep pretty quickly each time.  Wednesday morning was spent going to the doctor’s office and then visiting an orthopedist for further evaluation.  He’s got a pair of hairline fractures on one of the bones in his lower arm and a greenstick fracture of the same bone.  The orthopedist said that we could go for a splint or a cast and after a few minutes discussion, we chose the cast.  It should keep it protected a bit better while he’s at daycare.  Daniel picked out a dark green cast and was very good while they put it on him.

We’ve spent the past two days adjusting to having a cast on his arm.  He’s probably handling it better than most adults would, as he’s been pretty capable of doing things on his own.  I was very surprised when he put his own shoes on yesterday morning…but he insisted on having help this morning.

Daniel goes up to Chicago this weekend to visit his mother, so I’m going to try to get some things done around the house while he’s gone.  I think I’m also going to go to the Illini football game tomorrow, tailgating with Dave and some other friends.

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