Perhaps eating at Merry Ann’s wasn’t such a great idea.  My eyes are hurting from staring at a computer screen all night…the last 4 hours of it with glasses instead of contacts…and it’s causing me to feel a bit lightheaded.

As I was driving home, about 5 minutes out, I felt like I was going to throw up.  🙁  I’ve burped a few times since then and it’s subsided a bit, but I think this is why I’m not normally a coffee drinker.  I tend to combine it with foods that make a horrible combination, like thick sausage gravy, that leave me feeling horrible.  Maybe I’d like coffee more if I started drinking 1-2 cups with a light pastry instead of 4-5 cups with a heavy meal…and drank better coffee than the normal offerings at diners (Merry Ann’s in Champaign, Five Brothers’ in Salem).

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