Merry Ann’s

This time of day is always weird for me. It’s so extremely rare for me to be awake at this time of day and when I am it’s usually because I’ve been up all night.

The current crowd at Merry Ann’s is a handful of people who have also been up all night and a couple of people who are just starting their day. It’s an interesting combination.

I worked for about 15 minutes (still have 2.75 to go before 10am) before diving into my breakfast. The various discussions taking place have me wondering about my current dating situation. What I’m really torn about is what I should do with the e-mail address that Nina gave me last week. I’m scared that I’m going to make the wrong choice here and miss out on something special. I don’t know what to do, but I want something…even if it’s just someone with whom I can spend a nice evening.

I ponder this as I sit here sipping my coffee and letting my Diner Stack get cold. 2.75 more hours in the next 3.5 hours. Fuck procrastination. 🙁

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