Awesome Bar

I downloaded Firefox 3 today, both at home and at work, as part of the “Let’s set a world record for the number of downloads in a 24 hour period” campaign that coincided with the release of version 3.  Everything I had read about the fact that you’d either love or hate the so-called “Awesome Bar” was true.  I hate it.  HATE.  The first site I tried to visit led to such a horrid reaction from me that I promptly went about disabling it.  For those of you who hate the “Awesome Bar”, here’s the fix:

Navigate to about:config.  Click through the warning message.  Navigate to browser.urlbar.matchOnlyTyped and set it to True.  Restart Firefox.

It will take a few page visits to get your URLs back into the proper auto-complete order, but it can be done.  I just wish that they’d make it an option in the Options menu, rather than a config hack.  🙁

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