A flurry of activity

I’ve been very busy lately.  The schedule seems to be constantly packed, time seems to be flying by, and I always seem to be tired.  The jobs are going…not well, but they’re going.

My full-time job has finally broken me.  I’m tired of fighting.  I deal with their crap simply so that I won’t be hassled.  It’s a terrible way to spend such a large portion of my time.  I knew that I gave up caring months ago, but last Thursday was the first time that I felt broken.  The department is a sinking ship and it’s suddenly become obvious.  We lost half of our office space, which symbolizes the death of the last bit of hope we had for restoring our group to its former glory.

I managed to let it go over the weekend, probably because of the apathy, and had an enjoyable weekend.  Daniel spent a week at his mom’s, came back for a couple of days, had a follow-up appointment on his broken arm…which is still broken, and got picked up by my dad.  He was in town for all of three days before going south with my dad.  Emily and I traveled down to join them Thursday evening, but didn’t get to see Daniel until Friday afternoon.  We got to see fireworks in Carbondale Friday night, which Daniel seemed to enjoy as long as someone’s hands were covering his ears.  Saturday, we went to see the Southern Illinois Miners’ baseball game in Marion.  It’s a lot of fun to go to minor league baseball games…you get to sit closer, prices are cheaper, and there are generally more gimmicks to keep the fans entertained.  The players aren’t always that great, but it can lead to some exciting baseball.  After the game, Daniel got his cast signed by a couple of players.  They also had fireworks, which completely blew Carbondale’s fireworks out of the water.  It was pretty awesome.  On Sunday, we took it easy and headed home around 6pm.  I got to swim all three days we were there, which was nice.

Tonight, I spent a couple of hours rewriting my resume and writing a cover letter for a pair of jobs with OIM.  I’m not expecting much from that application, but I do highly anticipate another position that’s open with IGB.  That application isn’t due until next Monday, so I’m going to spend the rest of the week polishing everything so that everything is in the best possible order.

I’m excited…and tired.

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