Out of the mouths of toddlers

This morning, as we were driving from the doctor’s office to Walgreens, Daniel and I had the following exchange:

Daniel: “Daddy, why is your belly so big?”
Me: “Because I eat too much and don’t exercise.”
D: “Is there a baby in it?”
M: “No. I’m just fat.”
D: “But what about having a brother or sister?”
M: “I meant that you might have a brother or sister someday, not that there’s one on the way right now.”

While in the doctor’s office, there was a couple with two kids and the mother looked like number three was imminent. I decided to broach the subject of siblings, as I know that Daniel usually needs some time to process things and wanted to give him plenty of time to start thinking about the possibility. He’ll likely be in school before he has any siblings, but with his mom getting remarried a few weeks ago and my own remarriage rapidly approaching, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he’ll have siblings within the next year or two. The part about having a baby in the stomach is a combination of another conversation, wherein Emily told Daniel that her sister, Jenny, had a baby in her stomach, explaining that babies grow in stomachs, and Daniel’s response that he grew in his daddy’s stomach.

I laughed at the conversation we were having. Daniel told me that it’s frustrating when people laugh at you. I tried to explain that I wasn’t laughing at him, that I was laughing at the situation, but he got frustrated anyway. *shrug* It was still funny and as it was happening, I thought “I’ll have to blog that.”

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